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NEW! HyperOs Neverlost - The minute you write it Neverlost saves it - Instant Incremental Automatic Windows Data Backup
HyperOs 2016 2K+XP+VISTA+SERVER2012+WIN7+WIN8+WIN8.1+WIN10 - Clone and Run several copies of them all on your PC

HyperOs Neverlost 29 $44, Click here to purchase.
HyperOs Neverlost upgrade from any version of HyperOs 19 $32, Click here to purchase.
Runs on XP, XP64, Vista, Vista64, Win7, Win8, Win8.1, Server2003, Server2008, Server2012

HyperOs Neverlost is a background incremental autobackup Windows software application which backs up every new file you make, the second you make it, to any destination you chose. It is not a scheduled backup application. It is a constant all day 24/7 second by second data auto backup background application for all of your work.

You get the option to back up your desktop, your user directory, your chosen folder or your entire drive to any backup folder you like.
This backup folder can reside on...

1. A second disk on the same PC
2. A USB stick
3. An external USB or SATA or firewire drive
4. A GoogleDrive
5. A disk on a networked computer
6. Network attached storage
7. Cloud Storage

Any folder that Windows can see and write to can act as your backup folder.

HyperOs Neverlost sits in the system tray with an icon which tells you what it is doing. Using this icon you can open the backup browser and see everything that you have backed up and choose what to restore, what to delete or change the settings for your source files (to be backed up) or target files (backed up files).

1. Designed to use very little CPU power and to cause very little IO strain. You may notice a slow down if it is backing up a large file to a slow USB2 stick. But with USB3 or HDD or network or cloud storage Neverlost should not effect your PC performance noticeably

2. The autobackups are incremental rather than differential or full so Neverlost only backs up the changes you have made to a file and adds them to the old copy of the file. It does not have to backup the entire file each time you update it.

3. It is just one tiny little 1.4 MB exe.

A full backup backs up every file
A differential backup backs up every file that has changed since the last full backup
An incremental backup backs up every file that has changed since the last incremental backup

So the most resource efficient backup method is the incremental backup.

The purpose of a computer is to get store organize manipulate and present data. It is not to lose data. But who has a PC which has never lost important data at some time? Well to ensure that your PC does what a PC is supposed to do (retains all data unless otherwise instructed), get HyperOs Neverlost.

The idea is therefore that HyperOs 2016 Geek or SuperGeek covers your Windows systems and HyperOs Neverlost covers your data.

HyperOs Neverlost is the world's smallest and simplest background incremental automatic Windows data backup software. For incremental backup, for auto backup, for background backup, for Windows 8.1 backup, for Windows 8 backup, for Windows 7 backup, for Windows XP backup, for online backup, for cloud backup, for Windows 8.1 restore, for Windows 8 restore, for Windows 7 restore, for auto restore, try the HyperOs Neverlost incremental auto backup and your data will never be lost again.
New HyperOs 2016 - Now Supports Windows 10
You have one copy of Windows on your PC. It crashes. It will not restart. You are finished. You buy another PC. You spend the rest of your life worrying that this new one will crash. As a result you do not try any new applications in your new PC and it effectively becomes frozen.

HyperOs completely removes this fear and fixes any Windows crash by giving you a second Windows system which you can switch into with a double click if the first Windows system screws up.

HyperOs gives you instantly available spare cloned Windows systems which you can switch to with a double click. And it makes backing up every Windows system (original or cloned) as easy as a drag and a drop - that is it. You just drag your Windows system into the backups area and drop it there. So because the process is vastly simplifed, you are far more likely to have a recent backup. Alternatively HyperOs will schedule automatic backups for you. The restore process is the same, you just drag any backup to a partition and drop it there and off you go. Now a Windows crash or malfunction is no longer a problem.

You do not need to throw XP away in order to run Windows 7 or throw Windows 7 away in order to run Windows 8.1. Keep XP and add Windows 7, or keep Windows 7 and add Windows 8.1, or keep Windows 7 and add XP and Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 etc. and swap between them all with a double click using HyperOs 2016 Geek and SuperGeek. Then you can build on your experience with Windows rather than discarding it!

HyperOs 2016 Geek and SuperGeek both include step-by-step instructions for adding XP to an existing Vista/Win7/Win8/Win8.1 system or adding Vista/Win7/Win8/Win8.1 to an existing XP system.

If you are finding Vista to be a bit slow (it is 3x slower than XP for disk intensive operations such as Photoshop, loading software and database queries), then keep Vista add XP and swap between them with HyperOs. Or add Windows 7 which is an improvement upon Vista but is not anywhere near as fast as XP, and swap between your various Windows systems with HyperOs.

HyperOs 2016 Geek and SuperGeek make it childishly simple to clone and run several copies of 2K and  XP and  XP64 and  Vista32 and  Vista64 and  Server 2003/2008 and  Windows7 and  Windows8 and  Windows8.1 on the same PC and swap between them with a double click.

They can live clone the copy of Windows that you are running from the drive it is on to the very same drive letter or any other drive. HyperOs 2016 Geek and SuperGeek can run several copies of Windows from one partition. So you no longer have to repartition your drive in order to run several Windows systems. Geek can also run one Windows system from up to 10 other drives. SuperGeek can run any number of Windows systems from any of the 24 available drive letters. Now your one precious fountain pen can become several disposable ball points, without repartitioning your hard disk.

Free yourself from worries about your one and only Windows system. Stop forcing all of your applications to live in one crowded bedsit! Give them a mansion with 24 wings and with any number of rooms in each wing with HyperOs 2016 SuperGeek!

You have dual graphics cards. You have dual RAID hard disks. You have dual or even quad processors. You have a dual channel memory bus - very good! So...

What are you doing with only one Windows system?

Visit our software page for more information.

HyperOs is also the perfect way to run and to manage 1 Windows System on your Hard Disk and another on your HyperDrive5.

HyperOs Flagship Products latest Features

HyperOs 2016 - Geek and SuperGeek
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HyperOs 2004 - s11 and s22
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HyperDrive5 The world's only consumer hardware SATA RAM drive