HyperDrive4 Customer Reviews

2/08/2007 - Market Verity Software

We analyse all the NYSE data at the end of each day. We have a quad Processor machine with twelve 15,000 rpm SCSI drives. The entire run used to take us 40 minutes with these 12 drives in a RAID configuration. Now with one HyperDrive4, we get it done in 1 minute. I have just purchased one for my home system. The next step is to put everything we do in DDR.

2/08/2007 - Mailers Computer Services

I appreciate that I do not know you guys very well yet but this is one !@?*@?* fast drive!

21/11/2006 - An IT Company:

The server is a HP Proliant ML350R05 with 2 x 2GHz Xeon Dualcore-Processor and 4GB ECC RAM! With that are 2 mirrored 36GB SAS hard discs for the operating system and 2 mirrored 250GB SATA discs for data memory! The whole thing runs with Windows Server 2003 and all 10 users work on the machine per terminal server (locally) Because we put the databank on the HyperDrive, we have achieved an increase in speed during workflow of a factor 2-3!

In special cases, like the compressing of the databank on the HyperDrive, we have gone from 5.35 minutes (on the 15000 UPM-SAS) to 56 seconds! This is fantastic! The whole thing works on a stable basis! Through using the volume shadow copy service from Windows 2003, every 15 minutes we have a recoverable copy of the databank on the HyperDrive... We are really pleased that in spite of the delivery problems, we held out and waited. We are interested in what the future brings...

20/2/2007 - A Financial Markets Trading Company

Processing a typical download of financial data used to take 8 minutes. It now takes 26 seconds!!!

6/4/2007 - PFTC, A Software Company in NYC

The HyperDrive4 boots Microsoft Server 2003 from the end of the BIOS POST Screen to the desktop in 2 seconds!

It used to take 25 minutes to compile our software code on a hard disk based system. On the HyperDrive4 compilation time is reduced to 3 minutes! In my opinion the HyperDrive eliminates hard disk latency altogether. The 3 minutes compilation time is probably down to processing time etc.

14/6/2007 - Timiko in New Jersey, an IT consultancy

We have completed the installation and configuration of a single 16GB solid state drive at one of our customer sites. The database went live in June in a single drive configuration. Since system cutover, there have been nearly five million queries run and performance has increased to between 100 and 300 percent in speed compared to the raid 5 scsi system it replaces. www.timiko.com

HyperOs Customer Reviews

Thanks for the info, good luck with the treacle pudding recipe, I am happy that if any one can turn Microsoft imperfections into a usable environment its you guys. I await Vistas "upgrade" to usable - if you need beta testing I have a clean test environment waiting :)

Bryan Walker

thoroughly enjoyed reading this email!

Just like many other things are turning retro, maybe we will see some retro-edition OS's appear on the shelf in the computer stores some time soon! You know, like Windows 2 that RAN FROM 2 x double-density 3.5" Floppy Disks. I even remember running a home office suite from a single double-density 3.5" disk - Remember Lotus Symphony?

Those of us who learned 'real' computing with DOS 3 and 5 (missing DOS 4 was deliberate for the educated!), playing with config.sys, autoexec.bat and IRQ settings are a dying breed.

"Bring back the 80s days of home computing, when the OS booted from ROM" - of course, HyperDrive 4 is the closest thing we have today!

Keep up the excellent work guys.

'Hasta la Vista, Baby!!"

Adrian Batchelor
(Running HyperOS 2004FE, with no plans of upgrading to Vista)


Hello, Gordon

As an overseas buyer who dreads the problems of delays and border taxation when I order software from abroad, I would be very enthusiastic about a downloadable HyperOS 2007.

Keep up the good work. Your excellent product has got me out of more than one Windows blue screen nightmare.

Harvey Coulon Canadian HyperOS 2005 and HyperOS 2003 customer



Thanks for the info on the Vista version. Monster Vista may be, but we all gotta have it ... that's the power of Capitalism!

But I won't buy Visa without HyperOs! So I await 2007VE ...

Downloads are not an issue for me.


Barrie Lipscombe


I agree completely with what you say about Vista . In my oppinion Microsoft Has badly overdone the look and packaging of its new OS .

I have been using the RTM (retail ) version of Vista since late December . It loaded onto my drive L perfectly and I installed HyperOS 2003 R4 , after setting the (time to show installed OSs) to windows other systems, and making that the default , I also set it to show other systems for 4 seconds. I can now boot to any other operating system from vista using HyperOS , also back and forth other OSs without any interuption , the vista bootloader (choose OS) screen only actually shows on screen for around 1 second , I have tried to measure the aditional time taken for this and it works out at between 8 and 10 seconds added to the time taken switching systems , that doesnt bother me .

The only thing I have to remember is that when going back to Vista , I must intercept the boot sequence , and tap the up or down arrow when the (choose OS) option shows and choose vista . this only takes a few seconds , and I had been thinkin about possibly 2 Vista boot loaders with different default systems, and a (batch) file that I can click that would change the boot loader to the correct default , just before I switch using HyperOS. I curently enjoy using windows

ME fat 16
XP fat 32 x2
and Vista

I have purchased all HyperOS versions from you from 2003 R4 to 2006SE but having tried them all, I still cant give up my ramdrive that I use with windows ME , for internet use ,I still amaze at how fast it is , and I have now been surfing since february 2003 , completely without any firewall or antivirus or antitrojan etc. softwares.never the slightest hint of a problem in all that time.

I for one could never imagine ever using a PC with out HyperOS

I will probably continue to use my 2003 version as being out of work the wonderful (HYPERDRIVE) is well beyond my means , but i will still continue to update my versions of HyperOS , please could you Mail me when the Vista ready version hits the shelves , and yes I have allways been an advocate of HyperOS making thier software downloadable. thanks for providing such a great software.

G Berry


I have used HyperOs for a number of years and I find it indispensable

I agree with your comments regarding Microsoft's piles of senseless garbage to fulfil the needs of the computer manufactures, forcing everyone to upgrade their computers to handle the new software I like the idea to disable the UAC for vista,but as you are aware your present customers will use their XP software for as long as possible, so what about a HyperOS upgrade that removes all the Microsoft crap in XP