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How to make a Bootable Microsoft Windows Installation Repair Recovery DVD or USB Drive

Microsoft themselves make a wonderful free utility for creating a bootable installation DVD or USB drive. They call it the Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool.

You can download it free from the Microsoft Online Store. Alternatively use this link http://images2.store.microsoft.com/prod/clustera/framework/w7udt/1.0/en-us/Windows7-USB-DVD-tool.exe

Basically you install the tool, point it at the ISO, choose a DVD drive or a USB drive and run.

A USB bootable Win7 installation disk can be used to repair a Win7 installation and in particular to repair the boot files and boot sector.

It can also be used as a HyperOs recovery disk in the event that you lose your boot capability. The boot partition and boot files are the only single point of failure with HyperOs. If you lose the ability to boot your PC you cannot restore any of you system backups. We therefore suggest that you use a Win7 USB boot drive either to repair your boot sector and boot files or if necessary to make a quick install of Win7 somewhere on the PC. You can then use the 30 day trial period of that installation to restore a system backup and get going again.